Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Guncon2 modded to work with PC Monitor

Someone came up with really some clever ways to get a Guncon2 gun working on the PC:



Obviously the gun was designed to work on 15Khz Tv's not 31+Khz PC Monitors, so it worked using Tv-out or on arcade monitors (15Khz like TV's).

However there is a chip on the JPAC (sold at Ultimarc) that halves PC frequencies from 31Khz to 15Khz. Using this it is possible to get the guncon working on a PC. Check out the video above for 1024x768(interlaced) Mame shooting goodness.....

NB When this was done a few years back, the LCD Topgun did not exist. The Topgun works on infra-red sources, independant of display technology so somewhat supercedes this hack...

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