Monday, 31 December 2007

Silver Software's Mame LCD Gen

LCD text file generator for creating *.lcd files to send to a LCD attached to your PC's com port, typically used in a Mame Cab in conjunction with a Frontend that supports using the files to control a LCD or BetaBrite display. Examples include Mamewah (supports the files outputted by my program) and Mala which supports controlling an LCD and a BetaBrite using Loadman's plugin - the plugin can use my files if you wish but can also automatically generate the data itself - very nice!. If you don't know what all thats about take a trip to

  • Generate your listinfo.xml from mame using the command line: mame -listxml > listinfo.xml
  • Grab Controls.xml from the ControlsDat Project

Any requests (such as adding your LCD commands) or bugs (such as funny text/unfriendly control names) then email me at:

LXDGen 0.98.6

Support Files: Get VB6 Runtimes here. Get MsXml installer here. Self-extracting archives.

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