Monday, 2 June 2008

Amiga A1200 Modding

Time has come to extend beyond retro console mods and go retro amiga....

Currently it's in the planning stages (parts en route etc..), but the plan is:

Ditch the original Amiga PSU, place an internal ATX->Amiga Power adapter inside, place a tiny ATX ("picopsu") power supply inside, so the whole unit can be powered with a 12V DC supply.

Replace the internal HD with a compact flash (obvious advantages). Planning to use the DMA-enabled scsi-2 controller (part of a Blizzard 030 accelerator) as well for speed/low cpu usage benefit, so will be installing an internal Acard SCSI-IDE bridge.

Install an internal cdrom. Room for a slimline notebook one - again considering getting this on the SCSI chain, meaning another SCSI-IDE bridge - so space is becoming an issue! If not, can always hook it up to the internal IDE controller (via a JAE notebook cd -> IDE adapter).

Possibly - another compact flash - this time external, for easy access. Might be overkill though - could just get a pcmcia->CF adapter and use that...

Go wireless - with a PCMCIA wireless card for wireless networking.

That's it - Can't think of anything else an Amiga needs!

(Considered a flickerfixer/scandoubler to allow amiga to be used on a VGA monitor, but from pics I've seen they are a bit limited and you get acres of unused space on the screen. Basically this needs to be used with a 15Khz CRT monitor - and I've got just the 27" job....)

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